Variable Area Flow Meters

Brooks is the industrial powerhouse and leading brand for rotameters. The Brooks line of glass tube and metal tube VA meters ensures measurement repeatability, which provides dependable flow monitoring and consistency. External power is not required for operation; therefore, they provide a fail-safe flow indication under any circumstance. Brooks VA meters can be provided with a variety of wetted materials for high-pressure, high-temperature conditions and hazardous locations.Contact us for data sheets, product selection, products not listed, or any other enquiries.

MT3809 XP Flameproof, MT3809 Indicator Only, 3750 ArMite

Armored VA meters: Brooks line of rugged metal tube VA flow meters is ideal for high pressure, high-temperature and other demanding flow applications where safety is a concern. HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and 4-20 mA outputs and limit switches provide for remote flow monitoring

GT1000, GT1305

Glass Tube VA meters: Line of reliable glass tube VA meters, ideal for gas and liquid flow measuring where process viewing is desirable.

1350G Sho-Rate, 1250 Sho-Rate, 1355G Sho-Rate

Purgemeters: Brooks Sho-rate brand of VA meters deliver industry-leading performance for gas or liquid flows. Robust engineering ensures reliable indication and unsurpassed service life.


Pressure and Vacuum Products

Brooks now offersa very diverse line of pressure and vacuum products including pressure/vacuum controllers, pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressure regulators, capacitance manometers and more.

SLA 7840, SLA1020/40 Elastomer Series & Model 5866RT

Pressure/Vacuum controllers: Electronic controllers that utilize core control technology in our thermal mass flow controllers to manage pressure of gas or liquid upstream or downstream of device. They are accurate and quick acting, far superior to traditional mechanical devices.

SLA 7840
SLA1020/40 Elastomer Series
Model 5866RT

S122, C122, IPS122, LR056 Pressure Display & 8601 Pressure Regulator

Pressure Gauges: Our gauges meet rigid cleanliness and safety guidelines. The gauges feature all-stainless wetted materials and are welded in an oxygen-free environment. Suitable for use with high-purity gases, with optional alarm or continuous transmitter.

Pressure Regulators: High precision mechanical pressure regulators. Direct acting, non-relieving that provide bubble-tight shut off on helium at 100 psi. These regulators are cleanroom assembled and simulation tested.

SolidSense II ATEX & Seal Free Pressure SFP Transmitter

Pressure Transducers and Transmitters:Our SolidSense II range comes in two variants: Ultra-high purity transducer for high-purity gas distribution systems and Industrial Transmitter for ATEX applications Proven Technology.

All-PFA seal-free Pressure Transmitter: The SFP Transmitter uses a seal-free PFA sensor that eliminates process fluid contamination.

CMC Series & XacTorr CMX Series

Capacitance Manometers (Heated or unheated): Reliable measurements featuring minimal drift, diaphragm contamination resistance and minimized thermal effects suited for all vacuum measurement applications.



A variety of instruments are available and an exhaustive list is not intended here. Other instruments include precision valves, controllers, switches, indicators, oval gear meters and more. Contact us.