Thermal mass dispersion is the most most robust, reliable and accurate technology to-date for general compressed air applications. Our flowmeters fulfills the following functions:
  1. Metering: Tracks actual usage for plant section cost allocation, to plan for plant expansion or to optimize usage of existing compressors. It is also ideal for energy contractors who bill their customers according to amount of air used.
  2. Monitoring: Leak detection. Monitor air loss through pipe leaks as precursor to follow-up actions.
  Use with other gases possible. Variety of models and options to suit.Contact us for application enquiries.  

Dewpoint Meter

Dewpoint monitoring is essential for manufacturers where humidity in compressed air is critical to their product quality or process outcome. Process required dewpoint is not negotiable. Our dewpoint meters are resistive-type that reliably insures your production process. Contact us for application enquiries.

Laser Particle Counter

S130 is a compact on-site particle counter for users of compressed air or gas whose air/gas quality is non-negotiable 24, 7. Sensitivity is 0.1 to 5 microns. Sensor is NIST traceable.

Residual Oil Sensor

S120 features photoionization technology, the ideal way to check oil content in your compressed air/gas. Contamination can come from any one source and monitoring represents the only safeguard.

Combination Units

Using a single control monitor, various sensors can be connected to provide any suite of monitoring requirements.We carry the full range of CS-iTEC products. Contact us for special applications.