Our engineering consultants provide services to industrial clients looking to:

1) Resolve issues with contaminants, such as moisture or oil, affecting product quality (often an emergency)

2) Improve efficiency and lower energy costs through design and application of gas & fluid systems.

3) Resolve failure of Pneumatic Automation.


Our engineers are CAGI-trained and draw on years of experience. We use sophisticated technology, know-how and data to make correct and cost-effective recommendations that solve problems quickly, effectively and within budget.

Troubleshooting Moisture

Water coming out of your compressed air pipes? All of our clients have not been able to resolve water problems with their compressor vendors, who typically propose expensive, overkill or entirely incorrect solutions. There may also be a conflict of interest if poor quality equipment have been supplied. Misinformed clients are caught in inaction and live with the quality issues for months or years. We are capable of righting the situation very quickly, by correctly identifying the root cause, at minimum costs to customers.


New Technology Implementation

Compressed air technology is constantly evolving. New technology is able to provide returns on investments and cut energy costs substantially. This is especially important with rising energy costs and compressed air consumption can constitute more than 30% of your plant's electricity consumption. Contact us to audit and find out where improvements can be made.


Automation Failure

An inadequate compressed air system design can lead to failure of pneumatic automation systems and undermine production yields. Problems can be difficult to even identify without appropriate experience and tools. If you have an issue with equipment malfunction and have been unable to resolve it despite repeated attempts, call us to solve the problem once and for all.


Service Team

Our technicians are well-trained to serve you.