YUSOO Breaker

On-site Condensate Treatment to below 10ppm For Non-emulsions

The Yusoo Breaker allows on-site treatment of condensate. A compressed air system produces huge amounts of condensate, especially in our Southeast Asian climate. Our concept safely and reliably separates oil and dirt from condensate and the discharge can be safely introduced into the sewer system. Discharge is below 10ppm and meets estate legal regulations. Payback is less than a year. Learn more>


On-site Condensate Treatment to below 5 ppm Emulsion Processing Enabled

Envisol provides for condensate treatment of stable emulsions formed through use of certain compressor oil types or from production of high-pressure compressed air. It can also be used to purify condensates to residual oil content of less than 5ppm. Using a splitting agent, the oil and grease in condensate is coagulated. The controlled reaction ensures purification each and every time. This proven product is a star and a top-seller. Payback is about a year. Learn more>