Mass Flow Controllers. Brooks Instruments

Many industrial applications use volume flow to manage their processes and results are marked by inaccuracy, inconsistency or wastage. Brooks Instruments MFC’s provide highly accuratemeasurements and flow controls. Our scope is wide. We cater to different industries, our instruments capable of measuring virtually all types of gases and liquids, and we even offer vaporization products built on our mass flow technology. Learn more

Flowmeters (Immersible). Dewpoint Meters. CS-iTEC

CS-iTEC offers thermal dispersion flowmeters suited for large flows. Based on the thermal principle, these flowmeters offer highest accuracy and repeatability. Mainly targeted at the compressed air market, but suited for use with other gases, these products offer a highly economical way to meter usage within your plant. CS-iTEC also offers advanced sensors to monitor oil and particles.

Silver Cape differentiates from others by offering the necessary expertise needed to integrate these equipment into your plant’s control and monitoring system. Learn more

Variable Area Flowmeters. Pressure/Vacuum Controllers. Other Instruments

Brooks Instruments offer a comprehensive range of measurement and associated products. Learn more