Refrigeration Air Dryer – Übercool

Not your “usual” air dryer

Durable, Reliable & Cost Effective. Übercoolis unlike most, if not all, other dryers. Built to last, it will reliably provide dry air for years and beyond. Moisture production issues do not affect users of Übercool. Our product comes with a 3- year warranty*. Learn more

Heat Regenerative Desiccant Dryer – Zinger

Waste Heat Recycling (Patented)

With our patented Waste Heat Recycling system, we offer the highest energy savings for each dryer class. Zinger comes in 4 variants tailored to your needs: Partial Purge, Partial Purge with Heat Recovery, Zero Loss and Heat of Compression.

Your benefits are: Lowest Energy Costs, Stable Dewpoint (No Spike) and Dewpoint up to 100°C pdp. Our know-how insures your product quality. Learn more