Übercool Filters, Quality Filters

Our filters are a cut above. They reflect our philosophy of never cutting corners, yet they perform extremely well at a reasonable price. Compressed air filters rely on a few basic tenets: adequately sized housing, effective filter element and drainage that works.They ensure that contaminants are removed from compressed air with negligible pressure drop and liquids are drained out to avoid re-entrainment.

Unnecessary pressure drop through the pre-filter is typical of many budget-line filters and this will cost you money every day. Filtration is easy; doing it well is not. Choose us. Learn more

Sterile Filters. Microbial Removal

Our sterile filters are also a cut above others because we do not cut corners. A generously sized housing with a choice of 304, 316, or 316L stainless steel, and a recommended EP (electrolyze & polish) finishing inside and out ensures high to ultra high purity.

We use a variety of elements only from Pall that cater to all your filtration needs, elements that are 100% tested to various global standards and hold industry-specific certifications. We inspire confidence – confidence that is needed for your product quality. Contact Us

Alternative Elements & Separators
Equal or Better than Originals

Our alternative elements and vacuum separators are from Tiger Filtration, one of the esteemed brands in the market founded by technical guru of the field – Bob Thompson. Again, filtration is easy, but doing it well is not: effective removal of contaminants with low pressure-drop, especially in low pressure or vacuum applications. This is why many users have chosen to use Tiger over even the original elements. Choose us. Learn more