YUSOO Breaker - Oil Water Separator

Reliable Concept

Say goodbye to hefty wastewater disposal bills from external service providers. Our Yusoo Breaker is automatic and keeps the process neat and tidy. Other traditional in-house treatment methods are either costly, laborious or can create an unsightly mess. All models come with integrated pre-separation of bulk oil.


Suitable for various compressor oils

The YUSOO is compatible with condensates from mineral oils, various fully or semi-synthetic oils, bar polyglocol types that form stable emulsions. The result is long-lasting purification of condensate that is safe for discharge into the sewer. YUSOO should also be used for condensates from oil-free compressors as a safeguard because our environment matters.

Smart Maintenance Concept External Filters: Easy & Quick-Change

Traditional oil-water separators utilize internal filters that are housed deep inside the treatment tank. When saturated, they can be back-breakingly impossible to lift without a hoist. Our filters are smartly situated outside the treatment unit. Simply detach connecting hoses to replace.