ENVISOL - Emulsion Splitter

Controlled Reaction, Fully Automatic system

ENVISOL is a powerful solution to treat condensates to below 5ppm residual oil & grease content. The alternatives are costly or laborious. This is a clean and intelligent solution.


Broad Range Bentonite Splitting Agent (ph4-pH10)

Traditional emulsion splitters require tests and evaluations to ascertain the type of splitting agent used. Our unique splitting agent adapts across the entire spectrum of condensates. This eliminates uncertainty and there is no need to change the type of splitting agent midway through its lifetime.

Adaptive Sensor

We mastered sensor technology and our unique adaptive sensor is found in all ENVISOLS. It differentiates between water, oil and air. This sensor activates the ENVISOL’s pump and ensures that oil and condensate are each diverted to the appropriate treatment chamber.