Durability: Shell In Tube HX

Our dryers use shell-in-tube heat exchangers across all models. This design provides highest physical and process durability of all heat exchanger types. This is especially important for compressed air applications due to corrosive and insulating nature of contaminants in compressed air. We use 99.9% high purity copper.

Process Reliability: Pre-coolers

All Übercool dryers are equipped with a pre-cooler. This is in addition to the air to air heat exchanger typically found in all dryers. Due to our tropical environment, compressed air entering dryers is typically at about 50°C. Pre-coolers are more efficient dissipating heat than a refrigeration system. Expertly integrated into a dryer system, less energy is consumed and dryer’s dewpoint performance improves. Pre-cooler automatically switches off when not required, providing an opportunity for energy saving.

Process Reliability: Secondary Condenser

Incomplete condensation of refrigerant gas results in poor dewpoint. In addition to the standard refrigerant condenser, we install a second condenser at the dryer outlet that uses the cool compressed air to ensure complete condensation of refrigerant gas into liquid prior to entering evaporator. This simple component uses no electricity and assures compressed air quality.

Durability: Quality Components & Workmanship

Our workmanship is unparalleled. With more than 30 years of experience and more than thousands of installations, our dryers are recognized for their quality. Specialist components such as refrigerant compressors of renowned brands are used. Major ancillary components are manufactured in-house giving us production flexibility and control over quality. The system is made rugged by a suite of safety controls to suit. Hence we can offer a standard 3-year warranty for our dryers.

Energy Efficiency

Every component is designed for energy efficiency. From the choice of detailing on the heat exchanger tubes, capacity-regulated components (compressors, and motors), energy-efficient motors, secondary condenser, Übercool is possibly the most efficient shell-and-tube dryer in the market that does not compromise durable performance.