Drain Master S

The goal was to engineer the most advanced and reliable condensate drain ever, a durable and reliable condensate drain that requires minimum maintenance and provides high payback, while handling erosive moisture ever present in compressed air. This required reimagining all existingplatforms and technologies,and making improvements. We present the Drainmaster S.

Electronic level sensing drain: Highest reliability. Exceptional payback.

Electronic capacity level-controlled principle is the gold standard for condensate drains. Unlike drains that use floaters, there are minimum moving parts, hence no wear & tear, no alignment issues and no requirement for frequent maintenance to ensure functionality. Since drainage takes place only when required, there is no loss of expensive compressed air; payback is usually a matter of months.

Dirt & Chemical Insulated Valve System

Condensate is inherently corrosive and contains dirt, pipe scale and other impurities. A pilot air controlled membrane valve, where only the diaphragm contacts discharge, provides superior reliability.

The inert HNBR diaphragm provides chemical resistance. An air lock-proof strainer insulates valve from dirt..

Superior Sensor Technology

Not all sensors are created equal. Our sensors are engineered to ensure condensate discharge is fail-safe and without air loss. Our design incorporates:

a. Capacitive 2-point level (min,max) sensor calibrated for all types of condensate.

b. Dirt resistant sensor. Optimised size and separation of sensing points for accuracy and repeatability.


Continuous & Undisrupted Operation

Alarm with Auto-Recovery & Test Functions

The electronic system features an intelligent alarm that constantly monitors operation. When condensate is not discharged, the drain automatically goes into an alarm mode to clear blockage. A remote alarm connection is provided.

A test function allows for easy checks on functionality. The digital counting indicator is an option that enhances user control.

Rugged Construction & Operational Flexibility

Our generously sized housing with large internal flow paths allows smooth discharge of condensate. Aluminium construction with internal hard-coat, our housings have a long design life.

Durability in extreme humid conditions and fluctuating temperatures is assured with a true IP65 electronic enclosure. Free voltage and dual frequency capabilities provide operational flexibility.

A total of 6 models across the rangelets you the select a closest fit modelwithout oversizing.