Drainmaster B

The Drainmaster B is designed specially for high volume condensate flows or conditions where operating pressure can drop to as low as 0 bar g or even vacuum levels. Drainmaster B builds on all the winning features and benefits of the original Drainmaster, but replaces the solenoid & membrane tandem with a motorized ball valve.

Bulletproof - Motor & Ball Valve Tandem

Quality is our focus. A stainless steel ball valve is durable and ideal for high flow rates. Coupled to a premium motor that is compact, quick acting and maintenance-free, this combination makes it ideal for critical applications.

Since this valve combination does not require any pressure to work, it is suitable for 0 bar g or other low pressure operations. This is a simple approach. Say goodbye to multi-valve systems that could give rise to complications.

Drainmaster HP - Up to 60 barg operation

The original drainmaster adapted for high pressure operation of up to 60 bar g. Again, you get all the benefits of the original Drainmaster, but engineered for high pressure operation with features such as aluminium discharge valve.

Drainmaster 5S - Compact Drainmaster for filters and small flow

Compact housing made with high-grade industrial plastics, this economical package is highly adaptable for use with filters or other low flow applications. It provides quality drainage with low maintenance costs.