Übercool Filters

Big Housing, Small Pressure Drop
Big on Energy Savings


Our housings are up to 50% larger than competitors’. An adequate housing prevents unnecessary pressure drop that will cost you dearly in the long run. Choose long-term savings. Choose Übercool filters.

Integral Elements: Low Pressure Drop,Big Savings

Our elements are from esteemed UK brands. These elements are of proven performance by specialist manufacturers. Polyester needle feltreentrainment barrier for fail-safe operation at high temperatures, glass-filled nylon end-caps for higher purity air, and multi-wrap filtration media with metal-reinforced structure for strength under pressure. Different grades of media are chosen to suit the application type.

Quality Components & Design

Filters are equipped with external float drains as standard and float components are made of Teflon that inhibits failure. Flange filters come equipped with a manual bypass drain and differential pressure gauge as standard.