R&D and Process Engineers

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Fermenters & Bioreactors

MFC’s provide Mass Flow Measurement. Volume Flow Measurement does not provide the accuracy needed for precision engineering or laboratory work.

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Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizers

Direct Liquid injection (DLI) vaporization solutions are high-performing liquid vaporizers designed for reliability. They overcome the many limitations of conventional technologies such as bubblers and vapor draw systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Chemically pure vapor free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carryover
  • Capable of handling wide range of liquid properties
  • Accept multiple liquid inlets to generate perfectly mixed vapors
  • Efficient vaporization: reduced precursor consumption and less waste gas
  • “Vapor on demand”. System has quick response time
  • Integration with Coriolis MFC for precision flow regulation.
  • Highly adaptable to different process conditions.
  • Excellent results for your processes: increased deposition rates

 Applications include:

  • Water vaporization for fuel cell stack humidification & other water addition applications
  • Liquid precursor for CVD, MOCVD and ALD processes
  • Depositing thin films such as carbon coat, glass or other coatings
  • Vaporizing monomers for vacuum polymer film deposition
  • Many more…
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