Production & Facility Engineers

Compressed air is a key utility in your work. For uninterrupted production, moisture free compressed air is a must, directly affecting either your product quality or functionality of your pneumatic machinery. Saving energy is key to your success as well, since the compressed air system can cost 30% or more of your total electrical consumption. Our products here can give you uninterrupted access to your compressed air, prevent unnecessary downtime and boost your productivity.

No-Loss Drains

Drainage is key to compressed air performance. When drainage fails, the results are immediately noticed on the shop floor. Sensor technology used in our no-loss drains has no substitute when it comes to performance and reliability. All condensate is drained out on demand without loss of compressed air. With almost no moving parts, it is a must-have for the modern manufacturing plant.

Excellent Payback Compared To Conventional Drains

Float drains and timer drains form the traditional means of condensate drainage, but they have long been plagued by reliability or (in)efficiency issues. Improvements in the form of hybrid drains could not eradicate the weaknesses inherent in the float or timer technology. We have refined the capacitative sensor drain and made it the No. 1 drain in the market. Join our revolution… learn more>

Other Moisture Issues

Substandard Refrigeration Air Dryers is a leading cause of moisture issues leading to serious production problems. The quest for profits has led to cost cutting by manufacturers, sometimes under the guise of value engineering, resulting in poor quality dryers flooding the market. Manufacturers who use these products suffer from product failure that is difficult or expensive to fix. We have taken a stand at Silver Cape, offering you a robust product at a competitive price. learn more>

If you are already experiencing problems, call us for a quick consultation on the best way to remedy a bad situation. Conflict of interest with your current vendor may prevent you from having the information necessary to make a decision in your best interests. learn more>