Building facilities using the most effective technologies and completing the work on schedule and within budget is your primary responsibility. Besides, plant builders also have a fiduciary responsibility to provide the most energy-saving equipment to their clients. Here we present some of our choice equipment to you.

Desiccant Dryers

We provide quality dryers at a competitive price. What’s more, they are the most energy efficient dryers available. We can give you the edge.
Our dryers are supported and insured by 3 service packages: Basic, Standard & Premium. The service packages include quarterly preventive maintenance & performance checks, discount on parts and a choice of response times (3 or next business day or 24hrs standby); no additional labour charges for unscheduled maintenance for Standard and Premium packages. Our quality means it is unlikely you will have no emergencies, but it provides peace of mind. Learn more

Patented Waste Heat Recycling System Makes the Difference

  Zinger A Type, Ambient Air Regeneration Competitor Brand one Ambient Air Regeneration
Compressed Air Use For Cooling Only For Cooling Only  
Running Costs p.a. of Heater (Direct Electrical Consumption)   ฿ 140,184 ฿220,968
Running Costs p.a. of Air Loss (Cost of Compressed Air Consumption) ฿135,593 ฿220,425
Heater Average Power Consumption 5.9kW 9.3kW
Average Air Loss 1.95% 3.17%
Total Running Costs ฿275,777 ฿441,393

Energy savings of 37.5% in operating costs.

Above example for illustration purposes only. Reference inlet conditions: 3000m3/hr, 7 barg, 25°C inlet temp., 10°C inlet pdp(pre-cooling supplied), Working hrs per year: 7920, Electrical Tariff: 3 ฿/kWhr

Our dryers utilize sensors to control the processes in dehumidifying compressed air. This smart system allows tremendous energy savings of 20% or more over the competition. Our customers will gain significant savings that translate into lower energy costs and higher overall competitiveness. Learn more


Proud Users of Zinger Dryers

We are proud of the breakthrough we have made in compressed air dehumidification technology. Here are some of our esteemed customers who have adopted our competitive advantage.



Disposal of Compressed Air Effluent

Pre-equip the compressor room you build with our condensate wastewater treatment systems. Our tropical humidity results in huge amounts of condensate wastewater being produced by our compressed air system. Using an in-house treatment system allows this wastewater to be discharged the nearest point without storage systems and unnecessary transportation or service costs.

Envisol System for < 5ppm

Yusoo System for <10ppm

Tremendous Payback
Your customers will benefit greatly.

Model Yusoo-100 Envisol-50 Paid Services
Type Oil-water Separator Emulsion Splitter Outsourced to Subcontractor
Capital Investment ฿ 184,690 ฿ 559,107 N.A.
Running Cost 1st year ฿ 41,250 ฿ 72,403 ฿ 600,368 Service rate: ฿ 3,500 per m3
Savings ฿ 559,118 ฿ 527,965  
Payback 4 months 12.5 months

For illustration purposes only. Example based on 4 units 100 hp compressors with refrigeration dryer operating 10hrs per day, 6 days per week or producing 0.55 m3 of condensate per day . Learn more or Contact us