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HACCP: Compliance with Food Grade Compressed Air Code of Practice UK, US & Japan

As part of HACCP, the food manufacturing industry is paying more attention to their compressed air systems and applying it to their air supply.

Working on the compressed air system does not mean meeting all recommendations overnight, but it should be a step-by-step effort in the right direction. Special attention should be paid to air that comes into or could possibly direct contact with food or ingredients via packaging/storage/manufacturing equipment.

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Sterile Filters

We provide a complete range of housings that meet guidelines for food standards. Sterile filters that provide for in-situ steam sterilization of both housing and element, membrane elements that perform absolute removal of solid particulates and microorganisms.

Filters are designed with hygiene and safety in mind with consideration given to materials used and connections of all wetted components.

Elements are tested and certified for conformance to US and UK regulations, legislative requirements and guidelines for food contact. Besides elements for sterile compressed air, filter housing can also be fitted with a variety of special use elements for soft drinks, beer and wine filtration. Learn More

CO2 Bottling for Beverage Industry

Brooks Instruments provide a variety of instruments that can be used for the F&B industry. Mass flow controllers are especially useful for CO2 bottling of drinks, product aeration and monitoring of gas use. Learn More