The needs of this ultra competitive and exciting industry are more exacting than most others. We provide the most sophisticated and competitive equipment that can see to your needs.

Clients & Users of Zinger Desiccant Dryers

Our Desiccant Dryers have powered their way into serving the industry, with the semi-conductor clients forming the core.
Here are just some of our esteemed clients who trust Zinger desiccant dryers.



Our dryers are supported and insured by 3 service packages: Basic, Standard & Premium. The service packages include quarterly preventive maintenance & performance checks, discount on parts and a choice of response times (3 or next business day or 24hrs standby); no additional labour charges for unscheduled maintenance for Standard and Premium packages. Our quality means it is unlikely you will have no emergencies, but it provides peace of mind. Learn more

A choice of technologies

From the economical yet energy-saving range of A-type to the most sophisticated Zero Loss & Heat of Compression dryers, we can achieve the most demanding performance requirements of -100°C dewpoint with the highest possible efficiency: low energy cost. Learn more

Here is an example of a comparison of various technologies.

Type Competitor Heatless Type Zinger A Type Zinger Zero Loss
Model       ZIN150A ZIN150ZL
Flow Conditions 8400m3/hr, 45°C inlet temp., 9 bar g, -70°C pdp output, with precooling to 25°C
Operation Uses dry air to regenerate desiccant. No heat-assisted regeneration. Uses heated ambient air to regenerate, and dry air to cool. Uses & Recovers heated dry air to regenerate desiccant. Dry air for cooling also recovered.
Regeneration Temp   Not Applicable 200°C 200°C
Direct Power Consumption (average) 0 32.7 kW (heater) 33.3 kW (heater+booster pump)
Direct Energy Consumption 0 286,452 kWhr 291,708 kWh
Air Loss (average) 12.7%   2.2% 0%
Indirect Energy Consumption (air loss: 0.1066 kW per m3/hr air)*   996,195 kWhr 172,569 kWhr 0
Total Running Costs (@ ฿3 per kWh) ฿2,988,585 ฿1,377,063 ฿875,124

Ultra High Purity for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Mass Flow Controllers

Various processes in the semiconductor & associated industries utilize various gases for their processes. These processes require conditions that are not negotiable. The characteristics of our mass flow controller, pressure or vacuum controllers/transducers, transmitters/switches and vapor delivery modules ensure results. Our ultra-high purity range is specially dedicated to meeting the standards of the semiconductor industry. Learn more

Some Applications

Compound Semiconductors: Manufacturing of LED, solar cell, telecommunication components, flat panel, electronics, laser, research and lab Our advantage: Low drift, performance over temp. gradient, superb repeatability

QUANTIM and Thermal Mass provide continuous control over various fluids and gases. DLI Vaporizer also employed. Consistent yields of high quality optical fibre.