Compressor Houses & Machinery OEMS

We provide a range of niche equipment and services to serve air compressor suppliers and suppliers of other machineries. We look to serve you with our standard products, but should you need something a little more special, we can do that too…


Drains for Compressor Distributors & Dryer Manufacturers

You cannot use off-the-shelf “standard” products. We design and manufacture drains to extreme quality standards to meet highly specific technical and commercial requirements of specialist compressor and dryer suppliers or manufacturers. We possess excellent local engineering and application knowledge to prescribe or design a product tailored for integration into your company’s own engineered product. When failure is not an option, call us to discuss your needs. Learn More or Contact Us


Preventive Maintenance for Instruments

Mass flow instruments do not have a maintenance schedule; that is only in theory. Temperature, electronic component tolerance shift, contamination build-up will affect accuracy over time.

If you have doubts over the results from instruments installed in your engineered equipment, call us to check if there is a need for calibration. Learn More or Contact Us