Compressed air is used in a variety of applications in the automotive industry, and its use in paint booth application is especially critical to production efficiency.

Be informed and upgrade your paint booth operation.


Condensation and dirt, as well as the humidity present in compressed air causes paint defects. Defects that can only be fixed by scrapping off the poor quality paintwork and reapplying paint. The lost of time, labor and paint costs due to insufficient air treatment can be high, not to mention possible loss of customer satisfaction.

Improvements Benefits
1. Install a reliable refrigeration dryer.
2. Install a desiccant dryer.
°C pdp means zero paint defects from humidity
related cause.

1. Paint savings of up to 50%.
2. Paint rework time of 30 min per
car partially or completely eliminated.

3. Savings in labour costs.


Upgrading your refrigeration dryer is the first step. Far too often, we have encountered refrigeration dryers that are so poor they might as well be removed to save electricity.

If higher productivity is required, there are desiccant dryers or membrane of various types to suit your operating capacity and existing equipment.

We can study your system and propose various solutions for you to choose from. Learn more